New Mexico

Up To 35% Rebatable On Direct Spend With Mariposa King

What we Provide

Mariposa King Studios

New Mexico

MKS Services:

  • Soundstages
  • Backlot for building sets
  • Camera Support
  • Equipment rental
  • Lodging
  • Transportation
  • Accounting and Legal services for state rebates
  • Helicopter camera work
  • 2nd unit filming locations and Directors
  • Local Stunt coordinators and Equipment Qualified crew contacts
  • Camping sites
  • Locations for action sport commercials
  • Production Offices
  • Stand Alone Post 25%
  • 100 Acres with Rail Line Experienced Crew  
  • Livestock & Train
Mariposa King Studios

New Mexico Rebate:

  • The Lost Pueblo (2016)  
  • Santa Fe Trail (2017) 
  • Logan (2018) UNMH commercials 2014-2015  

Tax Rebate

Maximum Refundable Tax Rebate Allowed 35%

  1. Qualified Production Facilities (QPF)

  2. An additional 5% credit is available if certain
    criteria are met regarding the use of qualified production
    facilities ( our soundstage / western sets)

  3. 5% Uplift Zone Filming

  4. An additional 5% shall be applied for payments for direct
    production expenditures and postproduction expenditures in
    New Mexico areas.

Nonresident Below-the-Line (BTL) Crew Exception credit (NRCE)

Allows for a 15% credit for the payment of wages for BTL crew who are not New Mexico residents.


What they say

Marie Jones 

Forrie Smith
Actor/ Horse Trainer / Wrangler Boss

" Shooting on the MKS ranch with our livestock was amazing, Tomas and his team are dialed in!"

Clara parker

Boots Southerland
Actor/Stunt Coordinator

The snow scene we shot was great ! Our animals were well kept, action well thought out, The place is great for filming...!! We shot a few projects on the ranch! 

Contact Information

Find us here: 

15782 us highway 64/84
Chama, Nm 87520